Ian Capps Electronics was set up in 1999 by Ian Capps.

Ian is a Sole Trader with extensive experience in PCB Design with an Associate Diploma of Electrical Engineering from the Queensland Institute of Technology and a Certificate of Interconnect Design from IPC.

Ian initially earned his trade as an Apprentice Technician with Telecom Australia (now Telstra) working in the Telecom workshops as an Electronics Test and Repair Technician and rising through to a Principal Technical Officer in the PCBA test and Assembly sector of the workshops.

This was followed by a stint as CAM manager for FasTrack Circuit Boards in Salisbury, Brisbane, learning the intricacies of the process of Manufacturing the PCB from Gerber generation, Design checking and manipulation to maximise yield, Laser Plotting through all of the processes required including Drilling, Plating, Etching, Screen printing, Surface finishing and Routing.

After the demise of FasTrack as a local manufacturer Ian Capps Electronics was created so that I could utilise all of knowledge and experience gained through my working life.

All of this has culminated in my ability to provide you with a service that will help you to complete those urgent projects with my extensive experience in the following areas:

Single-Sided Aluminium backed PCBs for LED lighting from Automotive Headlights to Floodlighting for sports fields.

High Current PCBs for Motor Control and Power Supply Management.

Complex High Density PCBs utilising small pitch and high pin count components for communications and Multi-Media applications.